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Science of Aging

The Anti-Aging Toolkit

The Anti-Aging Toolkit

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Longevity is no longer the stuff of science fiction. This book will teach you how to slow down cell division, purge dysfunctional cells and switch genes on or off (and much more). This book delivers easy to read hard science with the latest research and practical techniques that you can begin to use immediately for life extension.

Many books on this subject harp on about the authors life and experiences, but you don't really need to read that (or care about that), you are interested in hard practical science, and this book delivers hard practical science immediately.

This book is literally a toolkit, and even though it could have been 500 pages, it has intentionally been kept compact.

We clearly demonstrate that many so called health products are mostly a waste of money, and that longevity compounds and other complex molecules are where you should be focusing your energy to slow down facets of aging.

We will cover calorie restriction, supplementation with longevity compounds (rarely health products), the best exercises for longevity, insulin like growth factor, poisonous foods you are probably eating, metformin, rapamycin, transhumanism, full spectrum biologics and disease prevention strategies, longevity planning, informatics, resveratrol, creatine, PQQ, AMPK, Quercetin, NRF2, mTOR, FOXO, Pterostilbene, melatonin, and many more interesting aspects of longevity. We also look at biohacking, ketosis, the three tiers to biological escape velocity, the microbiome and much more.

The first half will wind between longevity compounds with various knowledge and techniques thrown into the mix. The information is vast, you won't remember everything first time, and you don't need to remember every last detail of every compound or molecule mentioned, just make this book your daily regular read, keep it on your coffee table or next to you bed, and the lifestyle best suited for longevity will naturally follow. The next half will then take you into most corners of longevity and radical life extension.

Note the book does not contain large chapters, but micro sections that are mostly one or two pages each. This format will greatly simplify the data you are about to receive to best ward off detrimental aging. Feel free to use sticky book mark tabs and to mark sections with pen which are relevant to you, because you will refer back to specific sections many times.

This is NOT another book about food and exercise, this book is hard science and how to use that science to extend your health-span and lifespan. Complex scientific studies and scientific terminologies have been pulled to pieces, compressed and combined into an easy to follow anti-aging toolkit that you can begin using immediately.

The book will teach you the terminologies used in anti-aging circles, the techniques to slow down cellular division and how to ward off disease, but most of all it will empower you to know exactly what is available and the dangers involved (if any).

The book was first written in 2018, and has been updated every month since then. Covid19 however has placed a major spanner into the launching of our affiliated companies.

The author Raymond D Palmer works as the Chief Scientific Officer of a biotech company that develops various longevity products and technologies, as well offering disease and death prediction services coupled with prevention strategies.

You may be able to interact and ask the author questions on various social media platforms which are shown toward the back of the book.

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